Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or LG G2?

Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or LG G2?

Should I buy Note 3 or LG G2? Which is the best phone? Should I go with the benchmarks?

We are in an interesting stretch of time in the smartphone market which arouse such questions due to successive launches of many flagship devices from major companies like Apple, Sony, LG and Samsung. Both Apple’s iPhone 5S and Sony’s Xperia Z1 received decent reviews but soon, LG G2 showed up and now it is Galaxy Note 3.

It is really a tough decision to take at times like this, whether to buy Note 3 or LG G2. But we will provide you with a lucid guide, which we hope will apprise you.


This is a primary factor which can have a major impact on the sales of any device. The display of both the devices is incredible. Though Note 3’s display has a bit of higher contrast, G2’s pixel density is higher and produces sharper images. The difference is subtle. But the larger 5.7 inch display of Note 3 steals the show, if the device size is not a concern.


The benchmarks shown by these devices are crazily high. Both these devices posses Snapdragon 800 processors clocked in at 2.3 GHz for G2 and 1.9 GHz for Note 3. The octacore chip set present in Note 3 evens out its slower clock rate (the quad core version is clocked at 2.3 GHz).


Whooping 3200 mAh removable battery is flaunted by Note 3 and G2 is powered by a non-removable 3000 mAh battery. No heads up is apparent, but Note 3’s battery should come for a longer period as the number of pixels on this device is less.

Now, let us look at the differentiating factors which will give you a distinctive idea.

Note 3 Leads:

  • S Pen: This is the primary factor due to which Note series has always had an edge over other phones. With the ‘dot, circle and square’ easy access in the Note 3, the S Pen features have been extended. This is certainly the determining factor. Buy Note 3 to use S Pen and features it offers.
  • Design & Build Quality: Though the material used is not as premium as other flagship devices, Note 3 gains lead here because G2’s build is clearly cheaper. The pseudo-leather feel produced by Note 3 is better than G2’s plastic.
  • Samsung Features: Innumerable features are offered by Samsung in Note 3 which include air gestures, group play video, multi-window multi-tasking, and other exclusive motion and gesture functions which are not available in LG G2. Though there are a few gesture functions provided by LG in G2 which are interesting, they are no where close to Samsung.
  • Memory: Note 3 boasts a 3 GB RAM. The device is blazing quick. This is the best phone for multi-tasking. It sure can take the heat. And Samsung provides 50 GB cloud data on Dropbox. MicroSD is supported up to 64 GB. G2 doesn’t have a microSD slot. So Note 3 is in the lead here.

G2 Leads:

  • Size: It is interesting that LG has managed to provide a 5.2 inch display with such dimensions, thanks to the button layout. Compared to the large size of Note 3, G2 is small and easier to use, even with one hand.
  • Button Layout: How can this be a decision making factor, right? But this has to be considered. After using G2 for 2 to 3 days, users will be accustomed to this button layout and will use its accessibility to full.
  • Camera: Though both the devices have 13 MP auto focus cameras with LED flash, G2’s camera takes lead, as its ‘optical image stabilizer’ adds charm.

Considering all the aspects of the devices, we can see that they will serve well the different folks.

These devices are in neck to neck competition when it comes to the spec sheet. It all comes down to your personal preference, whether you like Samsung’s TouchWiz or LG’s Optimus UI.

If you want a smartphone with a ton of features to show off and the latest Android (4.3 Jellybean) version and if you want to make use of the S Pen features, then go for Note 3. You will not be disappointed, at all.

If the size of the device matters to you and if you need to shoot better photos and videos without shake, then LG G2 is a classic beast for you, which fits comfortably in your hand.