Top Battery Saving Apps 2013

Top Battery Saving Apps 2013

Worried about your smart phone’s battery life ? Here is an opportunity to save the battery life of your smart phone by using Apps from Play Store !

DU Battery Saver App

Du Battery Saver

A DU Battery saver is a free Android app which helps to save your smart phone battery up to 50%. Unlike any other battery saving app, a DU battery saver is completely user controlled and user can choose different options and make choices about how to save the battery life.

In general, DU Battery saver kills the background apps automatically and keeps a track on the brightness by adjusting it according to user’s permissions. Normally when you lock your phone there are some apps that work in the background without your permissions but DU battery auto kills them and prevent running of any apps and services except phone operations like incoming call and sms.

Download The App here : Du Battery Saver

Easy Battery saver App

Easy Battery saver

Easy Battery saver is another Smart Phone battery saver app tha helps in extending the life of smart phone battery. The app same features that are present in DU battery saver, but the difference is it has different modes and by selecting a particular mode that most suits your usage you can improve your phone’s battery life.

The differnet modes for selection are

1. General Mode :It makes you choose to optimize the basic network control, screen control and sleep schedule .
2. Intelligent Saving Mode : It includes 8 different controls and saves more battery that General Mode.
3. ) Super Power Saving Mode : It control of your phone completely along with the standby time management system. Increases at least 20% of the battery.
4. Advanced Customized Mode : This mode lets users to choose all the options he wants to and then optimizes the battery. It gives complete control to you in choosing how to save the Battery life.

Download the App here : Easy Battery Saver

Juice Defender App


The Juice defender app helps in controlling the battery usage by apps. It takes control of apps that drains battery and inform the user. The app also boosts CPU speed and improves the performance of the device.

Unlike the apps that are described above, Juice Defender comes with some pre-installed functions like auto control of apps, services and functions of the phone that consumes more battery and it can be disabled by the user and the user can choose his requirements and enable it.

Download the app here : Juice Defender