4 Best Launchers For Galaxy Note 3

4 Best Launchers For Galaxy Note 3

Looking for best launchers for Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 or other big screen android device to make the interface better? This is just the right place for you. We have filtered out several launcher apps from the Play Store and produced a refined list.

Note 3 and Note 2 are awesome devices to have but the commonplace TouchWiz interface ruins the large screen experience. We have found some awesome themes on the Play Store which will enhance the experience of using a large screen smartphone. Here is the list, click on the launcher name to download it from the Play Store.

1. Buzz Launcher

This is the best launcher in all the aspects. This revolutionary launcher provides unlimited customization to the users. Understanding how to initiate this launcher and use it might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it is worth that time.

The various customization options provided by this launcher can be best utilized by devices with large displays.With the plethora of themes that it provides, the users will never be bored of using this launcher. This is a complete pack of best available themes. This is sure to revamp the interface of your smartphone. Select the theme which you like from the store they have and with just a click, every element of the previous theme can be replaced. It is really amazing app to be available for free. This is a must have launcher.

If you find difficulty in using this launcher, try the other simple and smart launchers, which do everything for you.

Battery Consumption: High


2. SF Launcher

SF launcher is one of the most elegant launchers present for Android devices. Its simple interface allows the users to manage their applications with ease. This stylish launcher supports two themes- bright and dark. What is most impressive is the wall paper transition. The wall paper changes according to the time of the day.

There are many wallpaper themes to choose from and the applications can be launched by assigning them to elements present in the theme. The widgets are handled in a very innovative fashion. You can add your frequently used apps to other section of the screen, making it easy for the users. This classic launcher best suits the large screen devices.

Battery Consumption: Low


2013-11-01 19.18.21

3. Smart Launcher

This is a classic launcher and a theme for people who like their things getting done with a single click. All the necessary applications can be arranged on the home screen in desired pattern and the Jelly Bean Clock representation makes the theme look awesome.

You can access the application list by swiping from the left corner. The applications are arranged according to their category, everything is done automatically. If you are not satisfied by the categorization, you can choose to change it. You’ll get a list of actions to perform including start, uninstall, kill and change its category, just by holding the icon for a few seconds.

This is a smart launcher indeed! It provides several gesture functions as well. There are in numerous themes to select from. What more does a large screen need? Just download it.

Battery Consumption: Low


2013-11-01 17.12.29

4. Launcher 7

This is a Windows themed launcher. Windows is much admired for its elegant look. This launcher provides just the same. Simple to use, classy to choose and smooth performance.

The live tiles give an impressive look and truly speaking, it is not the launcher which enhances the look, but it is the large display which your smartphone possesses.

Battery Consumption: Moderate

Screenshots_2013-11-01-20-08-40 Screenshots_2013-11-01-20-08-55

Personally, we prefer the SF Launcher, which is best suitable for most of the everyday activities and convenience. It is up to the users preferences to choose the best launcher for their purposes and lifestyle.