Best Santa Games for Android

Best Santa Games for Android

List of  some good Santa games for Android to play hard this festive season.

1. Santa’s Village

Santa's Village

Theme :  The Game is about building a village for Santa. All that a user has to do is help Santa in building the village and save the Christmas from getting ruined by the Grumpkins.
Begin building homes for Santa’s elves, build a toy factory and produce lots of toys, teach Reindeer how to fly and meet magical neighbors like Yobo the Yeti. Unlock special buildings and colorful decorations to make your village even more beautiful.

Key Features :

Player can customize North pole with over 120 different buildings and different decorations.
> 3D viewing which helps player to find hidden gifts and Prizes.
> User can play mini games like Snowball Frenzy and Reindeer Flight.
> Play offline !

Get the App: Santa’s Village

2. Christmasville: missing Santa

Christmasville: missing Santa

Theme  All of a sudden, Santa goes missing and Christmas is in Danger. All that a  user has to do is find the missing Santa by playing from the  perspective of Arthur Knight,  a private detective who reluctantly starts his own investigation of the сase of the missing Santa.
The investigation turns out to be adventurous and there are many surprising characters in the journey. The user has to concentrate on the game, solve puzzles decrypt the notes in order to find Santa.

Key Features :

> Enchanting story with sparkling humor
> Lots of fabulous characters
> Great graphics and exciting gameplay
> Lots of mini games and puzzles
> Wonderful musical accompaniment

Get the App: Christmasville

3. Run Santa Run – Vacations

Run Santa Run - Vacations

Theme :  Run Santa Run is a simple running game in which Santa will be on an endless run jumping on buildings with obstacles, leaving gifts collect coins and many such.

The game is interesting, user free and adorable simple animations and graphics.

Key Features :

> You can switch to winter theme by clicking the winter button on the left side of the menu.
> Endless running.
> Simple Animations and a great game for fun.

Get the App: Run Santa Run

4. Hungry Santa


Theme :  The Game is about feeding the Santa. All that the user has to do is help and guide him to different food items available. The goal is to make the Santa eat as much as he can and you can observe that the more food he eats the more fatter he gets.

The game is completely fun intended and laughable. The graphics and animations are simple and user easy.

Key Features :

> Different food items available to feed.
> Complete fun game.
> Simple to play with.

One of the top rated Santa Games. Actually it’s the highest rated considering certain analysis.

Get the App Here: Hungry Santa
5. Slingshot Santa

Slingshot Santa

Theme :  The game is about delivering the gifts to every house. All that a user has to do is, guide Santa and help him deliver as many gifts as possible in quick time. There are many options for delivering the gifts like using the Santa’s Magic Slingshot! Throw Gifts in the air, use house chimneys and rainy clouds.
The game is fun intended and addictive.

Key Features :

> Extremely simple controls – swipe to throw, touch to boost!
> Unforgettable atmospheric Christmas Eve, and Winter night!
> 40 hand carved levels, with more coming soon

Get the App Here: Slingshot Santa