CM Browser for PC(Windows,Mac) Free Download

CM Browser: Android devices usually come with the stock android browser which help us to search, keep track of our daily tasks and fulfill our Entertainment needs, But apart from that these the stock browser lacks few features and it also consumes battery power

Let it Goat for PC(Windows,Mac) Free Download

Play Let it Goat on Windows PC and Mac: I recently got my eye on a  new game called “Let it Goat” a simple,funny and addictive game similar to flappy bird, The game is also being branded as the next Flappy Bird. The game

Best Android City Building Games of 2014

List of some best city building games to build you own fantasy city. How amazing it would have been if we could all build up our very own city where only those things will be present that we like. All the luxuries will be

Best Android Adventure Games of 2014

If you have the Smartphone then you must have been looking for new games to play every now and then. If you love to play different genre of games, then the options are endless, but don’t think Google Play Store doesn’t have much option

Best Android Multiplayer Games(2014) to Play with Friends

Here are some best multiplayer games to play with your friends. Days when multiplayer games were played only on PC and gaming consoles are over. With the evolution of smartphones the concept of multiplayer gaming has been re-written. There are plenty of multiplayer games

Play Angry Birds Transformers on PC(Windows, Mac)

Play Angry Birds Transformers on your Windows PC and Mac easily by following the steps given below. Angry birds are transforming to a new level of gameplay and characters in the upcoming “Angry birds transformers” game for Android and iOS. This is a great news

Best Free Word Games for Android 2014

List of best free Word Games to play on your Android phone and tablet. We all love to play games. In fact most of us are addicted to games. Other than sports and racing games you may also find many word games that don’t

10 Best Racing Games for Android 2014

Best Android Racing Games: It’s all about speed! Eyes glued to the screen, a serious face and a heart beating fast – no doubt you are racing on your smartphone. Let’s check the top racing games on android platform released this year. More: Best Android

Top 10 Android Tower Defense Games of 2014

Android tower defense games: Tower defense games provide a engaging gameplay especially on touchscreen devices, Popular mobile game titles such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Guns‘n’Glory come under this genre. So we collected some best tower defense game to play on your Android phone

10 Best Android Games for Kids 2014

Android Games for Kids, Here is a list of best Android games that your kids will enjoy playing all day long. The popularity of the android is very high not only among elders but even small kids are getting addicted to Smartphones and Tablets.

TOP 10 Android Quiz Games of 2014

Here is a list of some best Quiz games for Android, Mobile games played on modern smartphones almost gives us a full PC experience. Many full- fledged action and sports games are becoming the favourites of mobile users. Even with this rising popularity of

BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker Review, Great Bass at Less Price

BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker Features 1. Solid Build Quality 2. Impressive sound quality with good bass 3. Supports hands-free calling 4. Decent Pricing 5. Long Battery Life BoomBrick Bluetooth Speaker Review Design: This portable Bluetooth speaker from BoomBrick is a perfect travel accessory, The lightweight design

7 Reasons to Try the “Telegram Messenger” App

1) Multi device support You can use it on multiple devices at once. It can be on your tablet,on your smartphone and even on your iPod at the same time. Whatsapp currently allows only one device per phone number. 2) Web browser and desktop